Well, I’m a straight talking, thirty(ish) year old ‘mumtrepreneur”. Based in County Durham I live with with my partner Michael and my two children Maisy and Aaron. I have a passion for shoes and Formula 1. Running is my means to maintaining health and mental wellbeing. Known to be partial to the odd Gin

I am an Entrepreneurs Circle certified coach. My genius is helping business owners CRACK the RHYTHMIC acquisition of clients and grow their business.

Like most college students. I got a retail job alongside my college studies. I loved my time at Clinton Cards, I learned a lot. I progressed to a management pretty quickly.

This didn’t set my soul on fire.

Being a small cog in a big machine wasn’t for me. Looking for change and personal development

I took A full-time position as a sales administrator at a telecommunications company.

Working for a small business owner really ignited my passion for business.

Business owners have to wear so many hats. Sales, marketing, finance, customer service, administration, hr… you name it the three of us worked on it all. My first year here was the best in the companies history. It allowed the owner to launch other business and investments. All of which i had involvement in.

One thing that stuck with me, what my then boss used to say ‘You cant make real money being employed. You have to build your own wealth and have your finger in more than one pie.’

He was right.

For the past 16 years, I have been working alongside Michael in his multi – mullion pound businesses and developing our property portfolio. A pretty epic journey – one I like to class as a continuation of my practical MBA.

Contego is a national pest control company disrupting the industry. Officially joining the team in 2008. I have worked every role in the company at one point or another.

The variety of being a contract killer, ( yes I did pest control / biologist visits and hold a level 2 certificate in pest control) and working in the office was fun but, not where my genius lies.

My Genius has been in working on the business, overseeing finance, improving systems and process, inputting in the marketing – directly overseeing digital for many years. This is what sets my soul on fire.

This is where I can help you.

The biggest learning from the last 20 years is that for a business to grow effectively, the key is having the right mindset, team, systems and process in place. That’s when absolute magic can happen.

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