Meet the imprints

Met the new Taylor’s Holly and Ollie (the birds I haven’t changed the kids names lol)

The new chicks on the block are this years Peregrine imprints. Holly is named after her grandmother whose sadly lost a couple of years ago and was the first Peregrine Michael bought and imprinted back in 2005. Ollie is Holly’s brother (the obvious logical name from the 5 year old)

For those who don’t know we run a Falcon breeding project and these fluffy bundles we well be keeping and training to breed from in the future. although we do have some natural pairs of birds that breed most of our birds are bred via AI.

What is an imprint?

Konrad Lorenz studied the attachment pattern of birds (most famously Greylag Geese) who left the nest prior to bonding with their parents.  He discovered a critical period in which the birds would imprint onto him. In terms of falcons they will imprint to humans and once they reach sexual maturity ‘court’ the human mate who will then work the falcons to extract semen from the males / inseminate the females during the critical egg production period. (That is a whole different post!)

Welcome to the family Hollie and Ollie looking forward to seeing how you turn out (honest they are really beautiful animals once they grown their full adult feathers).

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