Lessons from GNR

I did it! I finished in 2 hrs 13 mins beating my previous 2 hr 15 time. It wasn’t easy. I fell. I got back up I saw the 2 hr 10 pacer and knew I had to stay close.

What did I learn….

Goals are super important. Having the 2hr 15 time goal meant I knew I needed to stay ahead of that pacer to make it

Sh*t happens. Sometimes things don’t go the plan or happen out of nowhere you can still reach your goal just maybe not as fast as you wanted.

Quitting isn’t an option. Things might feel hard in the moment but once goals achieved it’s definitely worth the struggle and there’s always someone in a much worse position than you

Mindset is everything when your body says no it’s you, your mind that will keep you going.

There’s no easy way to get the result you want you simply have to put the work in and do

We are all different. Comparing your journey to others is pointless. Mo Farrah was there to win whereas Big Pink Dress man is there to fundraise. Same event, same road but very different goals, methods and outcomes.

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